the creative owl

award winning, international, fine art photographer

As far as I can remember, I have always been immersed in some form of art. Banging drums, composing music, writing films, it's been my life. I shot my first wedding by complete accident. A friend of mine saw that I was dabbling around with a camera, way back when, and asked if I could shoot his wedding.

I loved everything about it! 15 years later, I still love it! The fast paced environment, coming up with new angles, trying out new lighting techniques and not to mention, figuring out creative and unique ways to tell a compelling story of the wedding day, makes this job the best job there is!


Why the Owl

Simple. I work at night when everyone else is asleep. No one bothers me and the world just looks nicer at night.

What's with the Dark Stuff

I just find it different. Things look different at night and as challenging as it is making a photograph in the dark, the rewards speak for themselves.

Whats in your bag

I am currently shooting with a Nikon kit that consists of, the Z6, 35mm 1.8, 50mm 1.8, 85mm 1.8 and some lighting! Yes, I am a prime shooter!


The music I listen to, the people I talk to, the streets I walk on and the stories I'm told when I'm travelling.

Favourite place to shoot

This changes often for me. If I have to pick my top 3, I would say, India, New York and Mexico.




Yamini & kush

“Vinay, is hands down the best photographer out there! He went above and beyond to capture the special moments of us and our family. He single handedly created the magic that can take a whole team. He'll continuously work hours and hours to get the best of everything. He has a special imagination that is rarely seen out there and thats what makes him the best. We can't thank you enough for capturing our wedding and we are so lucky that you were our photographer”