award winning, international, fine art photographer

For as long as I can remember, I’ve immersed myself in some form of art; whether banging out the rhythms I feel inside out on drums, composing music to share my thoughts or writing film scripts to share my ideas, making art has been my entire life. I went into shooting my first wedding by complete accident. Way back when, a friend of mine saw that I was dabbling in photography and he asked me if I’d shoot his wedding.

I said yes and ended up loving everything about it! It’s now 15 years later and I still love it! The challenge of creating in fast-paced environments, coming up with creative angles & adapting new lighting techniques -not to mention- figuring out unique ways to tell the story of each wedding, have turned this job into my calling! After years of practicing this art, I strive to light with purpose, compose with ambition and capture with intent


Why the Owl

Simple. I work at night when everyone else is asleep. No one bothers me and the world just looks nicer at night.

What's with the Dark Stuff

I just find it different. Things look different at night and as challenging as it is making a photograph in the dark, the rewards speak for themselves.


The music I listen to, the people I talk to, the streets I walk on and the stories I'm told when I'm travelling.

Favourite place to shoot

This changes often for me. If I have to pick my top 3, I would say, India, New York and Mexico.